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Who we are:

Tactical Combat Academy (TCA) is a private security training company, providing defensive shooting courses, Training in TTP’s (Tactics Training & Procedures designed by TCA) and progressive training to civilian Students. We are also proud to provide complex training programs for armed units of the government and private military companies (PMC’s).

All tactical firearms, theoretical & team building shooting courses are lead by TCA instructors who are experienced professionals with active backgrounds ranging from Special Forces, intelligence units, Ministry of the Interior, The Ministry of Defence, SIS (Slovak intelligence bureau), Global private intelligence agencies. All our instructors have in Theatre Operational Experience (Iraq, Balkans, Afghanistan, UK, Libya & Central Americas) and have conducted training with Elite international military units. Our instructors come from the USA, UK, Europe, Israel and Latin America.

Civil Sector – TCA Defense tactics

  • Outdoor courses on tactical defensive shooting for private individuals
  • Training on basic manipulation with firearms: Pistol, Single shot rifle SA vz.58 and AK-47, Carbine M4/AR 15, pump action shotgun, sniper guns
  • Defensive shooting courses with pump action gun include Home defence, Defensive Crisis Shooting courses, with scenarios 'under attack', ' shooting with injury', 'shooting under psychological stress'
  • Sniper courses
  • First Aid courses with specialisation on Gun shot wounds (GSW) and stab wounds, traffic and other accidents, injuries by armed aggression
  • TCA Systema: self defence courses for women and for men
  • Self defence courses: knife, expandable baton
  • Survival and terrain navigation courses
  • Teambuilding sessions
  • We offer classroom trainings on relevant legislation requirements, such as Preparation for Firearm License course

No participation for persons who have been convicted on a criminal of violence; or any persons who are members of extremist groups, or extremist movements violating human rights.

Government Sector – TCA Counter

Bespoke Tactical Firearms & Training programs tailor made for governmental armed and intelligence units. Tactical shooting & training are adapted to specific requirements of the Unit being trained (intelligence, operations, combat).

Private sector – TCA Security tactics

  • Body Guards - Complete set of courses, trainings and drills for bodyguards/ personal guards, private security agencies, private detectives, and intelligence agencies.
  • Contractors - shooting skills and tactical training preparation for work in geographical regions with high political instability, High Risk and War Zones. We offer real-life “Ground Truth” training and preparation with all aspects of the modern combat operational management (defensive response & active response)
  • CQB - Precision shooting skills and tactical team preparation for fighting in urban environments, including; hostage rescue; Building search and clearance.
  • PSD – Hostile Environment training (HEAT), shooting skills & team tactical preparation for working as a VIP (HNW) bodyguard or convoy safeguarding.
  • Convoy planning and formation, METT-TSL/C, SOP.

Special Operations

We also Provide Specialist Training designed Tier 1 operators.

About Us

Tactical shooting and defense drills, related seminars and trainings for civil participants, as well as professional training and exercises for the armed forces (Military, Police) and Contractors. Training courses include firearms shooting, self defense, crisis management, survival trainings and many more.

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Zohor Shooting Range

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Tactical Combat Academy s. r. o.

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James D. Clark. said about us

It was the best shooting course experience in my life.