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Course: TYTO Basic Surveillance

TYTO Basic Surveillance

  • Course level: BASIC
  • Course duration: 3 Days
  • A person under the age of 18 is not allowed to attend the course
  • Course is in English
Price: 600
There are currently no dates open. Contact us for more information.


This course is for those who will be conducting surveillance and intelligence gathering in major cities where the target of surveillance is likely to travel on foot rather than by car.

We have also provided this training to static security staff responsible for the security of major complex sites, public buildings, indoor shopping malls and major events where covert security is necessary.



  • Types & Methods of Covert Surveillance
  • Surveillance Triggers & Planning
  • Covert Communications
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance (Tracking & UAV)
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Open Source Intelligence

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance to be used as proof of their Continual Professional Development (CPD) training,

This course is suited for security professionals, commercial & private investigators, close protection teams and site security teams.

The course may not be attended by a person who has been convicted of a violent crime or is a member of an extremist organization or fundamental human rights organizations.

Peter Jenkins

Having been the director of ISS Training Ltd, Peter is now working as an independent consultant to help organisations with an investigative role which involves covert surveillance. In addition, he assists training companies provide accredited surveillance qualifications without the hassle.

He has had a varied career; A former Royal Marine Commando having served in a Commando Unit Recce Troop and a Maritime Counter Terrorist Squadron. After leaving the military, he was the Director of ISS Training Limited, an international security consultancy & surveillance training school for over 25 years.

Peter and his team have taught covert surveillance, intelligence gathering & covert photography to various agencies in 17 different countries including:

Enforcement Agencies
Allied Intelligence Agencies
Allied Special Operations Forces
Security Teams
Close Protection Teams
Corporate Investigators

Peter was instrumental in designing the current UK OFQUAL qualifications in covert surveillance operations with accrediting body 'Industry Qualifications' (now SFJ Awards). These qualifications are now offered through many different training schools.

Peter has written, and self-published several books relating to surveillance & intelligence work.

Surveillance Tradecraft
Covert Imagery & Photography
The Theory of Covert Surveillance

He continues to carry out investigation work throughout Europe & the USA and advises various organisations on surveillance matters.