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**G U I D A N C E **

of the business company TCA - Tactical Combat Academy, p. r. o., with registered office at Podkerepušky 2688/58, 840 08 Bratislava, ID number: 53 633 318, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, file no.: 151105/B on safety and operating rules for shooting at the shooting range (hereinafter "Guidelines")

  1. The shooting instructor (hereinafter referred to as "shooting supervisor") organizes and manages the activities of the shooting course at the shooting range. The fire controller is always marked with the visible sign "INSTRUCTOR". All present participants of the course are obliged to obey its regulations and instructions without delay (hereinafter referred to as "participants" or "participant"). The shooting director is responsible for strict compliance with the conditions of the shooting course, rules and safety principles before shooting, during shooting and after its completion. At the same time, it determines the exact places on the shooting range for individual actions related to shooting (place of receiving and handing over the weapon, shooting range, place to discharge the weapon, etc.).

  2. When visiting the shooting range, each participant in shooting training must receive instruction on these safety and operating rules. Upon request, everyone must show either a valid gun license or, if they do not have one, a valid identity document. A person over the age of 15 can participate in shooting training, but must be accompanied by a person older than 21 with the consent of a legal representative (e.g. parent, guardian). Otherwise, anyone who wants to participate in shooting training at the shooting range must be at least 18 years old.

  3. Participants are obliged to follow all the instructions of the shooting director. The participant is fully responsible for the damage to property and/or health if he/she violates the safety and operating rules stated in this Guideline or in the internal documents of the shooting range or disobeys the regulations and instructions of the shooting supervisor.

  4. The director of the shooting is obliged to prevent the access of the participant to the shooting range or order to leave the shooting range to the participant who is clearly under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic or psychotropic substance. At the same time, the shooting director is authorized to decide on the exclusion of the participant from the course, if it was necessary to deny the participant access to the shooting range or if it was necessary to order the participant to leave the shooting range. In the event that the participant is excluded from the course by the decision of the shooting director, he is not entitled to a refund of the paid course price. A participant who reliably proves that he was not under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic or psychotropic substance at the time he was denied access to the shooting range or at the time he was ordered to leave the range, has the right to a refund of the paid course price.

  5. The director of shooting is authorized to exclude from participation in shooting at the shooting range a participant who does not follow this Guideline. Above all, it will exclude a participant whose actions in any way endanger the safety of operations at the shooting range. The following are considered to be a violation of safety measures: when the shooter's weapon falls, when an accidental shot occurs, or the shooter fires before the firing command is given, aiming outside target area, dangerous handling of the weapon, disrespecting/failing to follow the fire control's instructions. In the event that the participant is excluded from the course by the decision of the shooting director, he is not entitled to a refund of the paid course price.

  6. The firing manager has the right to decide which weapon or ammunition does not meet the safety requirements and has the right to exclude this weapon or ammunition from firing.

  7. If there is a violation of safety rules and an injury, or to another extraordinary event, the shooting director is obliged to stop the shooting immediately. Further, he proceeds according to the relevant legal regulations and internal regulations of the shooting range.

  8. The participant is obliged to handle the weapon with the utmost care. All weapons must be unloaded outside the shooting position. Before shooting at the designated place, the shooter (participant) is obliged to make sure that there is no cartridge in the cartridge chamber. After the end, or after stopping the shooting at the shooting position, the weapons must be in a safe condition.

  9. The safety condition is understood as such a condition when the magazine is removed from the automatic, self-loading, repeating weapon and the bolt is open, the cartridge chamber is empty, there are no cartridges in the cartridge cylinder of the revolver, the cylinder is tilted, the weapon with a collapsible barrel is open, the cartridge chamber is empty.

  10. Without the permission of the shooting director, the participant is not authorized to shoot. Dry shooting and practice aiming are possible only at the time, places and in the manner determined by the shooting supervisors.

  11. The weapon is loaded exclusively at the shooting position or at the place designated by the fire control, and only at the instruction of the fire control. When loading, the shooter must be turned in his shooting position towards the targets, while the barrel of the weapon is pointed at the targets or into the capture area.

  12. Participant can only aim in a safe direction with a loaded weapon, i.e. j. to a target located in the designated target line. It is forbidden to keep your finger on the trigger during charging, recharging, discharging, when moving and when not aiming in a safe direction.

  13. The shooting director can stop the shooting at any time in the interests of safety. After the fire controller's command "STOP FIRE, STOP", all participants must immediately stop firing. After the command "UNLOAD THE WEAPON - SAFETY Drill", all shooters must unload their weapons and put them in a safety condition (see point 10.). A participant may continue shooting only at the command of the shooting director.

  14. The participant can go to the targets only on the instructions of the shooting director.

  15. When the participant finishes shooting or intends to physically move away from the shooting position, he must unload the weapon, put it in a safe state and hand it over to the shooting director. If it is the participant's own weapon, the participant is obliged to unload the weapon and put it in a safe state.

  16. It is possible to touch someone else's weapon only with the consent of its owner or holder.

  17. The shooter is obliged to report a malfunction of his weapon by raising his hand to the fire controller, while he is obliged to act in such a way that no danger arises - finger off the trigger, do not turn the weapon, aim the barrel at the target or into the interception area.

  18. In the event of a malfunction, the shooting director is obliged to stop the shooting. After verifying whether the further use of the weapon is safe, the shooting control may allow the weapon to continue to be used.

  19. Shooters are obliged to notify the shooting director of any dangerous situation that could lead to personal injury or property damage.

  20. At the shooting range, it is forbidden to distract other participants or other shooters in any way during shooting.

  21. There is no space reserved for spectators at the shooting range. It is forbidden to bring dogs or other pets into the shooting range.

  22. Participants are required to use hearing and sight protection devices.

  23. A person who has been legally convicted of a violent crime or is a member of an extremist organization or an organization that suppresses basic human rights and freedoms may not participate in shooting training.